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Why Choose VideoFacilitator


Delivering a uniquely human experience

Humans expect choice and flexibility and that is what we deliver.
By putting power in the hands of your audience to choose their own engagements in a multiroom format, they engage in a more natural liberating fashion delivering better outcomes and a more engaging experience.


Focussed on community

We embrace our responsibility to make a better future. We strive to advance how our community co-creates, share our experience, and contribute back wherever possible.


Digital first

We are reimagining the virtual multiroom experience. 
Without the constraints of needing to recreate an "in the room experience" we have limitless opportunities to step beyond what is possible today and will continue to update our platform to deliver a uniquely digitally enhanced experience.


Steven Armstrong

“I’ve tried Zoom, Skype and other “go-to” platforms but they just don’t cut it.

There’s so much mucking around with downloads and sign-ups and IDs and passwords and trying to get my Office Business Premium account to speak to Skype etc but VideoFacilitator has removed all of those barriers.

The setup is ideal for us as a music school as it is just like the studio onsite with one main lobby where everybody can interact and private rooms off to the side where lessons take place. Transparency is very important to us (we have glass walls facing inwards to our reception area on site), so the ability to move freely in and out of rooms for both staff and parents is highly valued. As the Academy Director, I am able to check in on teachers and students to see how everything is going and maintain quality management.

The lack of friction in setting up is greatly appreciated by our clients.

Although there is a one-off download for mobile users, it so easily logs users in by keeping a history of rooms to which users have previously connected so there’s no need to open the browser and enter the room name again. The platform is very well laid out, functional and aesthetically pleasing.

It’s so easy to use. VideoFacilitator has given me a competitive edge in the online market, especially during the 2020 pandemic when all my competitors jumped on Zoom without giving it any thought and all I ever hear from music teachers, both individuals and schools, are concerns and frustrations and the constant need for tweaking. VideoFacilitator has made online learning easier to conduct and easier to sell to our clients.”

Steven Armstrong
Director, Advantage Music Academy


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