Changing the world through co-creation


Video Facilitator

Making it easier to co-create from anywhere


What are we doing?


We believe that the future of work is co-creation.

With the advances in technology, there is an increasing opportunity to leverage geographically distributed teams.

In order to make this a reality VideoFacilitator’s is on a mission to the make the digital experience for facilitated workshop better than the in-the-room experience.

Unlike current video conferencing solutions, VideoFacilitator is focused on increasing the mobility of participants in a video conference, making it feel more natural for self-organising team. It will enable a digital experience of participant led collaborations, as opposed to leader lead.

Leveraging the opportunity of digital technology, the digital experience will be better than the in-the-room experience by providing advanced facilitation controls and real-time insights that amplify the unique benefits of a digital meeting.

Not only will we make it easier to engage your remote, distributed teams, but we will allow you to deliver improved outcomes from your workshops by leveraging digital opportunities to delivery a great facilitated experience.