Powering Fully Remote Companies

  • Setup and adapt your company's meeting rooms and workspaces in under two minutes
  • Easily connect team members with intuitive always on rooms where you can drop in and chat
  • Encourage spontaneous collaboration by easily finding colleagues and collaboration spaces

Engagingly simple

Increase participant engagement

Participants choose their own adventure keeping them more engaged and connected throughout your events

Encourage spontaneous interactions 

Light weight controls allow you to adapt pre-planned activities on the fly, add new rooms and modify them as you need them

Delight participants with live updates

Global communication controls allow you to keep your audience aligned with simple broadcasts, polls, and room indicators

Better for business. Better for participants.

Rapid Polling

Create a rapid poll in under 2 seconds and receive real time feedback from your audience.

Individual room timers

Set global or local timers to help keep conversations focused.

Stop gatecrashers

Lock or password your rooms to keep your conversations private.

Create breakout rooms

Create or remove breakout rooms easily while running an event.

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