Feature Overview

VideoFacilitator isn’t like other video conferencing tools, its primary focus is to enable high levels of participant mobility, as well as intuitive and non intrusive facilitator controls.
This makes the experience more natural for your participants and more suitable for the modern workforce.


All the control
you need

At your fingertips

Create breakout room - ani.gif

Create breakout rooms on the fly

You aren’t always going to know how many people will actually turn up to your video conference so instead of deciding up front, you can easily create breakout rooms on the fly.

If you made a mistake, you can easily increase or decrease the number of rooms with a few simple clicks.

Participant driven movement - ani.gif

Participant driven movement

Your participants have the ability to move between any of the rooms you’ve created.

Rather than wasting time trying to make the decisions of who should be in what room, you can trust your participants to decide for themselves.

Global timer - ani.gif

Global & local timers

Because you will never be certain that your participants will be in the same time zone, forget about having to ask them to remember to come back and set a global timer instead.

When the time runs out, your participants will automatically be reminded its time to rejoin the main room.

Return to main prompt - ani.gif

Rejoin the lobby easily at the end of a timer

If you are using a timer on the lobby, users will be prompted to return to the lobby at the end of the timer. If they don’t, you can always bring everyone back.

Edit topic - ani.gif

Participant controlled topic names

If someone wants to share something specific that you are interested in, have the ability to easily expand them to full screen view.

Force to lobby - ani.gif

Force everyone back to the lobby

If you are short for time and you need to bring everyone back to the main room to regroup, you can request everyone to rejoin the main room with a 30 seconds grace. At the end of that time all participants from all rooms will be returned so you can get on with your workshop.

Hide side panel - ani.gif

Maximise your real estate for your video conference

It’s awesome to be able to see where you are, and what other rooms are available, but you don’t need to do this all the time.

With a simple click you can hide away the room navigation panel to maximise your view of the team or the content they are sharing.

Focus on one.gif

See everyone at once or focus on just one

Most of the time during a workshop you want to be able to see everyone that you are working with. In the main view. However you can easily focus on just one person in full screen if you need to focus on just one thing in detail.

People per room.gif

See how many participants there are in each room

As a participant or facilitator you can easily tell how many people are in each room. As people enter and leave the rooms the people count on the room will change so that you have a fairly good idea of the balance of groups and where you might want to go next.